CoLab Podcast: Week 1, Day 3 – Hancock Armada


Cue: Give me a groove

SK: Hello, what’s happening? Welcome to the CoLab Podcast, day 3. We’re half-way through week 1! I’m Sam Keeling

WH: … and I’m Will Howarth. Today’s episode will feature funky grooves, gender issues and 6 cellos improvising.

SK: But first up, as promised, we visited the 10,000 Views in a Week? project to find out how on earth they’re planning to do it.


Cue: Matthew Norriss interview


SK: Thanks Matt. We’ll be reminding you of those hashtags on Friday so stay tuned.

WH: Taking a much-needed break from editing duties, I set off around King Charles Court in search of unusual sounds.


Cue: 6 Cellos segment


SK: Up next, we came across the Headhunters project getting their funk on.


Cue: Headhunters segment


SK: On this day in history, an unlucky number 13, Midlands metal outfit Black Sabbath released their eponymous debut album…

WH: 1970…

SK: … and though you may not be able to see it, let me assure you, we here in the CoLab Podcast team have all dressed up as Ozzie Osbourne to mark the occasion of the birth of metal, complete with wigs and bats for lunch.

WH: Sam and I split up to visit two different projects, both exploring gender. I went to see Portraits of Gender in KCC …

SK: … and I headed over to Laban to speak to the ladies of Through Our Gender Lens.


Cue: Through Our Gender Lens interview


SK: You can see their performance in Studio 8 at the Laban Building on Friday at 7:15pm.

WH: Meanwhile, over at the Faculty of Music …


Cue: Portraits of Gender interviews


SK: That’s all we have time for today. Tomorrow we’ll be visiting Blackheath Halls and Laurie Grove for instrumental hip-hop battles and much more.

WH: Until then, keep CoLab fab!

Cue: Music to end

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