CoLab Podcast: Week 1, Day 2 – Cement Mixer Gershwin

Cue: Thames Interview blooper
Cue: Music

MH: Hello, how we doin’? Welcome back to the Trinity Laban CoLab Podcast. It’s another wonderful day of collaborative activity, unbridled creativity and infectious positivity.


SK: We’ll be hearing from Theo Finkel and Jenny Sturt from Follow the Water Home and an encounter with four great minds as they Think of Something.

MH: But first, your boy Sam has an exclusive interview with the Album in a Week project.


Cue: Album in a Week Tuesday interview


SK: We’ll be catching up with the project later in the week to see how they’ve progressed.

WH: Now it’s time to call Follow the Water Home to find out where they are today…


Cue: Follow the Water Home Tuesday interview


WH: Don’t miss Follow the Water Home on Friday at the CoLab Proms in Blackheath Halls. If you just can’t wait to hear some musique concrete, simply stick your head inside a cement mixer.

MH: One person who wouldn’t stick his head in a cement mixer is George Gershwin who, on this day, 95 years ago …

WH: …1924…

MH: … premiered his iconic Rhapsody in Blue at the Aeolian Hall in New York.

SK: Finally for today, Max joined the Think of Something team to find out about the thoughts they’ve had.


Cue: Think of Something Tuesday

think of summut


SK: Stay tuned to future podcasts – we’ll be reporting on where to hear their project when we know more.

MH: Tomorrow we’ll be hearing from 10,000 Views in a Week? and many more exciting CoLab projects so make sure you tune in to the CoLaboration Station.

Cue: Music to end

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