CoLab Podcast: Week 1, Day 4 – Woodshed Valentines

Cue: Don’t be scared
Cue: Music

MH: Hello all you young lovers. It’s CoLab Day 4! Welcome back to the most popular podcast this side of KCC – today, our Valentine’s special.




SK: On this day of luuurve, we’ll be match-making you with Woodshed shut-ins, Joni Mitchell fans and the freshest Hip-Hop squad on the Blackheath block.

MH: But to kick us off, let’s join Sam on his blind date with the lads of Laurie Grove.


Cue: U-Bend of Love interview

MH: We here in the podcast bunker have been subjected to a saxy earworm emanating from the upper windows in the courtyard at KCC. Will has the story.


Cue: Woodshed segment


SK: Next up we have a treat for all of you who fell head-over-heels for the sweet voice and heart-breaking lyrics of Joni Mitchell. Strap your seatbelt in the Big Yellow Taxi, it’s time for Black Crow Flying.


Cue: Black Crow Flying segment


MH: While the CoLabbers of Trinity Laban made sweet music and dance together, I made my lonely way to Blackheath Halls in search of a love of my own. Instead of a love ballad, I found my mojo with the Hip-Hoppers.


Cue: Classical Clash segment



WH: You can catch their performance in the Studio Theatre at Laban on Friday from 7:15pm.

MH: I also met the Charleston project today at Blackheath Halls who we’ll be hearing from tomorrow.

SK: Meanwhile, Will was following his ears around the corridors of the Faculty of Music. Here are some of his findings.


Cue: The Art of Fugue segment


MH: Finally, for the swan-song of today’s episode, Sam sets us up with the ladies of Laurie Grove.


Cue: Beat Space Beat segment


SK: And so this love story comes to an end.

WH: We love you…

MH: … We hope you love us too.

SK: Catch us with us tomorrow for the inevitable post-Valentine’s walk of shame.

MH: Remember! Don’t hate. Collaborate!

Cue: music to end

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