CoLab Podcast: Week 1, Day 1 – Thames and Tarantulas



SK: Hello, what’s good? Welcome to CoLab Day One.





I’m Sam Keeling and I’m joined by Max Higdon and Will Howarth.
For two weeks each year, CoLab provides Trinity Laban students with the chance to take risks, be creative and experiment. Over the course of the next fortnight, we will be giving you a glimpse of life at Trinity Laban during the CoLab period with interviews, rehearsal recordings and details of the showings and performances you won’t want to miss.


MH: First, let’s hear from the Follow the Water Home project, collecting memories, movements and sounds along the Thames estuary.

Phone cue

Thanks Jenny. We’ll be catching up with this project tomorrow with a new location.


SK: We’ll be covering a variety of different projects with a focus on three in particular for this week. These will be Think of Something, a project with no pre-conceived starting point, a Youtube-based project: 10,000 Views in a Week? and a collaborative songwriting project, An Album in a Week. There will also be a whole new set of projects we’ll be following starting next week.


Cue chat1


MH: Lastly, today is the anniversary of the day The Beatles recorded their debut album, Please Please Me. They recorded ten tracks in one 12-hour session – by the end of it, Lennon was so hoarse, he practically screamed the final track, Twist and Shout. To celebrate this anniversary, the band Pleasant Palace, in which I sing and play bass, has recorded a cover of the album’s opening track, I Saw Her Standing There. You can find it on the podcast’s blog at along with media and links about topics discussed.

WH: If you think we should be visiting your project to record rehearsal snippets and interviews, or if you have some work you’d like us to share, get in touch by email at .

SK: Check back tomorrow for another hearty dose of Max, Sam and Will. Keep Labbing!

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