CoLab Podcast: Finale

Cue: Blooper

Cue: Music

SK: Well, there we have it. CoLab is officially over.

MH: And we were just getting started too!

WH: It’s like the end of an era…

SK: As you all know we have been doing the CoLab Podcast project, a two week extravaganza consisting of all sorts of chatter and tunes!

MH: We’ve had such a wonderful time wandering around the many facilities of Trinity Laban capturing all of the brilliant projects at the height of their creativity!

WH: We would also like to take a moment to thank all of the students and staff who took the time to chat to us during this fortnight.

SK: We have absolutely loved speaking to every one of you.

MH: Sadly, all good things must come to an end and we can’t sit around here talking forever!

WH: Luckily for our loyal listeners, we have done a little extra for you!

SK: We called in on the proms to capture some extracts of the wide variety of gifted performers Trinity Laban has to offer this CoLab!

MH: We hope you enjoy listening as we take you on one last journey around the faculties

WH: This little showreel consists of the highlights of CoLab Prom 6, featuring performances from Rumba Till Tomorrow, Pretty Vacant Orchestra and many more!

SK: This has been Sam Keeling, –

WH: – Will Howarth 

MH: – and Max Higdon. It’s been a pleasure CoLabbing in your ears!

Cue: Showreel


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