CoLab Podcast: Week 2, Day 5 – Taiwan Circus

Cue: blooper

Cue: music

SK: Hello and goodbye! This is the very last day of CoLab. (aaaah sound effect)

MH: But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a jam-packed show for you today.

WH: That’s right! Today we’re going everywhere: Kansas; South Africa; Taiwan and the circus.

SK: We’ve really pushed the boat out – literally.

MH: Let’s kick proceedings off with Build Your Own Sound.


Cue: Build Your Own Sound segment


SK: While Will got gritty with the Smitty Committee, I donned my top hat and tails to meet the ringmaster of Alice Goes Circus.


Cue: Alice Goes Circus segment


WH: On Tuesday, we eavesdropped on a rehearsal with the Music of South Africa project. Today we’ve got some more polished music for you from the Cape of Good Hope.


Cue: The Music of South Africa extracts

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


MH: Next, let us take you from the Savannah to the mysterious Ilha Formosa for a chat with Lily, Isaac and Sointu. Let’s listen in…


Cue: Taiwan Journeys interview


SK: On this day in history, your boy Elvis Presley released the single Rock-a-Hula Baby with the B-Side, one of our favourites, Can’t Help Falling in Love.

WH: 1962

MH: In honour of the King of Rock and Roll, we threw together our own a cappella arrangement of the song. Check it:


Cue: Can’t Help Falling in Love a cappella


WH: Finally for this episode, a touching phone call from Niall Windas at the Tate Modern with the Protest Choir.


Cue: Protest Choir segment


SK: And that’s CoLab!

MH: We’re heading up to Blackheath Halls to catch the final proms.

WH: And we’ll be spending our podcast royalties on buying a round for everyone there.

SK: If you just can’t live without your daily CoLab Podcast fix, never fear! We have ONE MORE bonus episode for you featuring a showreel of the prom highlights…

MH: So keep your ears peeled.

WH: Until next CoLab

ALL: Have a CoLabsolutely brilliant year!

Cue: music to end

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