CoLab Podcast: Week 2, Day 4 – Cabaret Jackson Punk


Cue: bloopers

Cue: music

MH: Hello, what’s in the bag? Welcome to the CoLab Podcast.

WH: (siren sound) ONE DAY TO GO!


SK: For this penultimate episode, we’ll be learning how to devise a play, taking an American journey and deciphering innuendos at the Two-Week Cabaret.

MH: AND if you enjoy a good swear, don’t touch that dial. Sam has a treat for you.

SK: I caught up with the CRASS project, situated in Laurie Grove, this afternoon. CRASS was a late ’70s to early ’80s punk band in Essex. This project’s aim is to recreate the band’s first album, Feeding of the Five Thousand. They told me they wish to share punk music and ideology with a wider audience so I recorded a little sample of them playing one of CRASS’ hits.

Cue: CRASS excerpt


WH: Speaking of the 1970s, on this day in history, at the dawn of the decade, The Jackson Five gave their television debut on American Bandstand.

MH: … 1970 …

SK: In honour of our synchronised singing heroes, we dusted off the harpsichord once again and teased our 3-part harmonies into shape. Here’s what we came up with for you.



Cue: I Want You Back harpsichord



WH: We’ll see you very soon at your nearest open mic.

MH: But right now, it’s time to take your seats at the Two-Week Cabaret.


Cue: Two-Week Cabaret segment


SK: I found it strange that Shaye was under the impression she wasn’t allowed to swear when the CRASS project had already opened the floodgates. What do you think about that, Will?

WH: I think it’s a load of bull****!

SK: Thanks Will. Tomorrow we’ll be jetting our way to Taiwan, all on Trinity Laban‘s generous expense account. But today, I only journeyed as far as America.


Cue: American Journeys interview


WH: Next, we have a CoLab Podcast exclusive just for you.

MH: We caught up again with Let’s Devise A Play to see how they’ve progressed since Tuesday.


Cue: Let’s Devise A Play segment


SK: Finally for this episode, let’s hear the Bare Voice Choir with their a cappella renditions of orchestral music.


Cue: Bare Voice Orchestra excerpts



WH: And that was Thursday.

MH: Come back tomorrow for Alice Goes Circus, Build Your Own Sound and a trip to Taiwan.

SK: Until Friday, *********** CoLab.

Cue: Music to end

Birthday boy Sam Keeling

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