CoLab Podcast: Week 2, Day 3 – Syllable Salon

Cue: bloopers

Cue: music

SK: Hello! You know what time it is – it’s podcast-o’clock! (blast)

MH: Welcome back – it’s episode 8…

SK: … and we can’t wait to show you great .. things.

WH: Today, you’ll be toe-tapping to Rumba, clicking cool to the Jazz Opera Collective and swooning in the French salon.

MH: First up, Will looked in on The Music of South Africa.


Cue: The Music of South Africa segment



WH: Take it from the CoLab Podcast team: All You Need Is Love.

MH: Which is why we sent Sam to pursue his passion at Laurie Grove.


Cue: Ways of Falling in Love interview


WH: It must be love!

MH: On this day in history Britney Spears had her head shaved clean …

SK: …2007…

MH: … and the salon sold her beautiful locks at auction for over 1 million dollars.

WH: To mark this follicle folly, Max and I shaved Sam‘s head while he took his siesta and are selling it on Ebay. The bidding starts at £9,000 to help him pay his tuition fees.

MH: And you can find the links on the Trinity Laban website’s Creative Innovations page.

SK: Now, here’s Connor Bolan.


Cue: What does CoLab mean1


MH: Over at KCC, Will chilled with the French Salon project.

Cue: French Salon segment

Cue: Party tricks segment


WH: Now, here’s Eden Elliot.


Cue: What does CoLab mean2


MH: As we wandered the hallowed halls of KCC in search of content to please our worthy listeners, we came across the Jazz Opera Collective performing in the cafe.


Cue: Jazz Opera Collective extracts


SK: Tucked away in a quiet corner at the top of the Faculty of Music, Will came across an opera project unlike any other.


Cue: SYLABLE interview

Cue: Satisfying words segment


WH: Finally for today, Max got his clave on up at Blackheath Halls. This is Rumba Till Tomorrow.


Cue: Rumba Till Tomorrow segment

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


SK: And that concludes … that.

MH: Do check back in on us again tomorrow when we’ll be sharing another round of projects with you.

WH: Until then, keep on with the CoLabathon.

Cue: music to end

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