CoLab Podcast: Week 2, Day 2 – Gramophone Flow

Cue: blooper

Cue: Music

MH: Hello and yo! Welcome to CoLab!

SK: It’s Day 7 in collaborative heaven and the podcast team is going strong.


WH: Today we’ve got French chanson, leading ladies and flow.

SK: So get them buds in your ears and get ready for some more – er – people and er –

phone rings

MH: Oh look, Niall Windas is calling me.


Cue: Protest choir interview


WH: On this day in history, Thomas Edison was granted a patent for his invention, the Gramophone.

SK: …1878…

MH: To mark the occasion, we explored the KCC library’s hidden archives of 78rpm vinyl discs which you’ll be hearing sprinkled judiciously throughout today’s episode.

Cue: French Chanson


MH: Wasn’t that lovely, Sam?

SK: Er, oui!

MH: Next up, we sent Sam on an arduous trek over to Laurie Grove to discover The Truth of a Leading Lady.


Cue: The Truth of a Leading Lady interview


WH: Up next, Max chatted to Chris Charlton about his team’s project, Let’s Devise A Play.


Cue: Let’s Devise A Play interview


WH: (sucking sound) Ooooh, I’m on tenterhooks!

SK: We’ll be arranging another rendez-vous with Mr Charlton later this week to tease a little more drama out of him.

MH: But for the time being, Will went to room 222 to get to grips with flow.


Cue: Flow interview


SK: As we know, CoLab is all about bringing people who wouldn’t normally interact together to create something new. Our next project, A la Francaise, required the assistance of two of CoLab‘s youngest participants.


Cue: A la Francaise interview


MH: Finally, let’s bring today’s podcast to a grizzly end with the Bare Voice Choir.


Cue: Bare Voice Choir segment


SK: Well, we’ve managed to claw our way through another day’s podcast.

MH: 7 down, 3 to go.

WH: Tomorrow we’ll be exploring the myriad Ways of Falling in Love

SK: … and catching up with the 2-Week Cabaret.

MH: Until then, stay CoLabulous!

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