CoLab Podcast: Week 1, Day 5 – Bootleg Charleston

Cue: blooper
Cue: music

SK: Hello, what’s the craic? Welcome to CoLab, the final day of Week 1.


MH: It’s been a challenging yet rewarding week of performances, projects and podcasts.

SK: And the best part is that we get to do it all over again next week with a fresh set of challenges.

WH: We’ll be hearing from Tin Men and the Telephone, 10,000 Views in a Week and An Evening of Charleston.

SK: So what are we waiting for? Max caught up with the Think of Something project who are finally ready to reveal what they thought of. Take it away!


Cue: Think of Something segment


WH: You can find links and media including how to find the project’s Instagram and Youtube channels on the podcast blog at

SK: Next up, Will called on Tin Men and the Telephone to hear some of the music they’ve been making.


Cue: Tin Men and the Telephone segment


MH: Pewdiepie may have more views than double the entire population of The World …

WH: … over 20 billion …

MH: … but it took him 9 years.

SK: This project is aiming for 10,000 in a week.

MH: Sam caught up with Matthew Norriss to check on their progress.


Cue: 10,000 Views in a Week Friday interview


MH: Once again, check on the podcast blog for links to the project’s channel.

SK: On this day in history, the first anti-bootlegging recording laws were enacted.

WH: …1967

SK: To celebrate this exciting moment from the annals of copyright, Will has brazenly flouted the laws by bootlegging a recording of the Headhunters project.


Cue: Headhunters Chameleon excerpt


MH: And now, ladies and gentleman, the conductor of the Second Study Band, it’s composer Harry Weir!


Cue: Harry Weir interview


WH: Next up, here’s Sam with the low-down on the CoLab throw-down!


Cue: Album in a Week segment


MH: Here’s a wee teaser of what you can expect to hear from them.


Cue: Album in a Week excerpt


SK: Finally for this week, a glimpse into tonight’s cheeky chip-diddy Charleston performance. Max has the story.


Cue: An Evening of Charleston interview


SK: Don’t miss their performances this evening at 7:45pm and 8:45pm in the Studio Theatre at the Faculty of Dance.

WH: Sadly, that’s all we have time for today.

SK: And so concludes CoLab Week 1.

MH: We’ll be spending the weekend in the pub pining for CoLab until Monday when we’ll be returning gladly to your ear-holes once again.

WH: Have a collabo-great weekend!

Cue: music to end

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